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At Mail Order Golf we love tech! We are constantly looking for the most groundbreaking & revolutionary golf training aids. Currently we offer 5 tech products that will dramatically improve your game at a great price:

Click here for lake golf balls.

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  1. GAME GOLF Tags Smartphone Tracking System - Android Exclusive
    • See, share & compare your golf game like never before. 
    • Turn your Android phone into a real time game tracking system. 
    • For Android 4.4 & above.
    • 1 YEAR Limited Warranty
    • 30 DAY Money Back Guarantee
    • Free UK Delivery* (24 Hour Express Delivery) 
  2. TLINK GPS Watch - White
    • Display yardage to front, middle, and back of the green as well as current hole information.
    • TLink is the lightest golf watch weighing only 30g. Can we worn as a watch and or fits onto a belt clip.
    • Track steps, distance walked and calories burned on or off the course with TLink's built in pedometer.
    • Sync with your phone at the start of the round and let TLink do the rest.
    • Stay connnected for over 15 hours allowing multiple rounds to be played on a single charge.
  3. GAME GOLF LIVE - Digital Shot Tracking System & Range Finder
    • Brand New 2016 GAME GOLF LIVE Digital Tracking System & Range Finder.
    • The worlds first REAL-TIME automatic shot tracking system for IOS & ANDROID phones/tablets.
    • Range Finder & Predictive Caddie.
  4. SMARTPRO Sports Speed Radar Gun & 1080P Video Camera
    • Capture both your golf swing / ball speed (Upto 299MPH or 480KPH).
    • Use the 1080P built in video camera to record your technique.
    • Download the Free ISmartDV App to share your video footage instantly via Apple or Andriod devices.
    • Includes adjustable Tripod & Protective travel case.
    • Battery powered (5 AA Batteries).
    • SD Memory Card Included.   
  5. Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyser

    • Winner of 2016 Golf Digest Award 
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Swing Tracking System
    • Analyse & Improve Your Swing
    • Auto Video Analysis

    Drive off the rubber tee (like the driving range tees you use)

    12 lake practice balls (grade C lake golf balls)

    Chip off the simulated grass

    Putt into the regulation sized hole

    Tethered practice golf ball for indoor & outdoor use

    Simulated grass for practice chip and iron shots

    Practice mat saves your lawn from club marks and divots

  7. PGA TOUR Electronic Scorecard

    Displays total number of strokes per round

    Records scores for up to 4 players

    Protective swivel front

    Digital thermometer

    Karabiner Bag / Belt Cip

    Includes clock, date & dual alarm settings

    Batteries included

  8. PGA Tour Monogrammer / Printer

    Quick and easy to use

    Rubber handled monogrammer

    Full alphabet of letters

    Bottle of protective lacquer

    Ink pads / printing ribbon

    Allen wrench

    Quick drying waterproof ink


    Shoe bag with sturdy handle, air vents & secure side pockets

    Club cleaning tool with soft nylon and tough wire brushes

    Polishing cloth

    Neutral coloured polish

    Shoe brush with spike tool & shoe horn

  10. PGA Tour Hand Towel

    100% COTTON

    Easily attachable to golf bag with standardised bag clip


  11. PGA Tour Iron Head Covers

    New shaft clip and release system.

    Lightweight and durable.

    Fits both Regular, Standard Size and Oversize Irons. (Exception for Wilson D100 club Irons)

    Using iron covers will dramatically improve the resale value of your clubset.

    Club head and hosel protection.


  12. Water Wolf

    What's in the box?

    Water Wolf v1.1

    Underwater Fishing Camera

    Brass Weight Kit (9g, 12g, 15g)

    Universal Filming Mount

    Universal Fishing Mount

    Go Pro converter

    USB Cable

    Lens Protective Cap

    EVA Float

    Bankstick Converter

1 - 12 of 20 products