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Fitness Activity trackers & Coaching Wearables

Fitness Activity trackers, also known as fitness wristbands, activity wristbands, wearable monitoring devices or activity monitors, are devices that are worn (usually on the wrist or ankle). They are developed with the objective of analysing & measuring the user’s daily movements, activity, calories burnt, repetitions, sleep, heart rate, pedometers etc. The Moov Now fitness coaching tracker connects via bluetooth to compatible smartphones & tablets (in this case iPhone & Android, see product description for more information).  Wearable Technology allows users to reflect back on their last training/exercise routine to see if they have improved & what areas they can improve.

Coaching wearables use data gathered during the chosen sport (running, cycling, swimming, 7 minute body workout & boxing) to help motivate, enhance performance & improve technique of the user when they become fatigued. Using metrics such as cadence (steps/min), average pace, distance, elevation gained, range of motion & impact levels the MOOV Now device can provide a personal training program & train you through 200 levels to push you to your limit. 

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