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    Simulated grass mat 

    Unique gravity ball channel returns the ball to you

     Ramp develops firmness of stroke

     Regulation sized putting-cup

     Bunker and water hazards help to increase putting accuracy

     Target flag

    Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

     Approx size: 25.5cm x 198cm (10" x 6.5").

     Putter not included

  2. PGA TOUR Score Card Holder

    Durable Synthetic leather Cover

     Quality Embossed PGA TOUR logo

     Holds Standard Score Cards

     Easily Fits in Back Pocket (Length 18cm/7 inches - Width 11cm / 4.25 inches)

     1x Pencil

     1x Standard Scorecard (removable)

     Secure Elasticated holding straps for pencil & score card

     FREE PGA TOUR Training DVD RRP £19.99

     Great Gift For Any Golfer

  3. PGA TOUR Swing Weight & Training Grip Club

    Simple, easy to use training aid

    Designed to help build golf muscles and improve swing

    Moulded handle to enhance the ultimate golf grip

    Steel weighted and pre-bent shaft to improve your swing

    Suitable for right-handed golfers only

  4. PGA TOUR Pro Putt Set

    The markings are designed to give immediate feedback and the instant insight improves your performance for putting, chip and full shot.

     Free Training DVD 

    3 Alignment Golf Balls and Carry Bag

  5. PGA Tour Travel Mug Set

    Premium Stainless steel travel mug

    Divot tool with removable ball marker

    2 PGA TOUR Training Golf Balls

    Alignment Tool & Pen

    25 x 70 mm wooden tees

  6. PGA TOUR Swing PRO Band

    Prevents "flying elbow" for wedges & short irons.

    Grooves a proper swing path for both left & right handed golfers.

    Strengthens & develops muscle memory.

    Eradicates bad practice and improves accuracy & distance

    Become a pro golfer by focusing on your swing!

  7. On Par Hole Reducer

    Brand new.

    First larger ring reduced the hole to a size of 3.2 inches.

    Second smaller ring reduces it further to a size of 2.4 inches.

    Material: Plastic.

  8. PGA TOUR Electronic Scorecard

    Displays total number of strokes per round

    Records scores for up to 4 players

    Protective swivel front

    Digital thermometer

    Karabiner Bag / Belt Cip

    Includes clock, date & dual alarm settings

    Batteries included

  9. PGA Tour Monogrammer / Printer

    Quick and easy to use

    Rubber handled monogrammer

    Full alphabet of letters

    Bottle of protective lacquer

    Ink pads / printing ribbon

    Allen wrench

    Quick drying waterproof ink


    Shoe bag with sturdy handle, air vents & secure side pockets

    Club cleaning tool with soft nylon and tough wire brushes

    Polishing cloth

    Neutral coloured polish

    Shoe brush with spike tool & shoe horn

  11. PGA Tour Shoe Bag And Accessories Set

    1 PGA TOUR branded protective shoe bag with handle

    1 Premium 100% cotton golf towel (51cmx45cm) with stainless steel towel clip

    1 Bag of 30 Red, white and blue wooden golf tees (7cm)

    1 Divot repair tool

    1 Shoe brush and cleat tightener

    1 Valuables pocket with drawstring tie

    1 PGA TOUR white golf ball

    1 Pencil

    2 Ball markers with PGA TOUR logo

    PGA TOUR Academy training DVD

  12. PGA Tour Hand Towel

    100% COTTON

    Easily attachable to golf bag with standardised bag clip


1 - 12 of 25 products
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