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iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder + Fishing scales

iBobber Castable Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder + Fishing scales
iBobber is for anyone who loves fishing, and wants to catch more fish. Just cast it and Go! iBobber syncs via Bluetooth Smart and shows you on your mobile/tablet where the fish are. Simple to use, easy to charge and great graphics.
- Sonar depth up to 135 feet / 41m depth scale, fish depth
- Tags two fish sizes under and over 38 cm
- Built-in strike alarm, alerting you when the fish bite
- Bluetooth Smart v4.0 maintains a strong, low energy connection with a smart device
- Waterbed contour mapping up to 100 feet / 30 metres away
- Trip log
- Weather - Temp, rain, wind & barometer
- Lunar calendar
- The iBobber app is also compatible with Apple & Android smartwatches.

The castable fishfinder that syncs with your smartphone or tablet
iBobber is for any angler who wants to catch more fish, by finding them and the features in which they locate. Simply cast the iBobber and open a new world of mapping your swim, tagging fish by size, a vibrating alarm when fish enter the vicinity of the sonar, and even an alarm when the fish strike.

Using the latest technology, the Bluetooth v4.0 syncs with your smart device, and within minutes your are ready to start, whether on the bank or boat. The LED beacon is a great addition for those anglers looking for a night session.

Tag different sizes of fish:
iBobber sonar detects fish from 3 to 135ft / 41m deep, and lets you see where they are and how many. The sonar tags 2 fish sizes - Orange tag is fish under 15 inches / 38cm, green tag is over 15 inches /38cm.

Waterbed Contour Mapping:
Now you can see the contour of the waterbed up to 100ft / 30m away on your smart device. Just cast the iBobber, tap Begin, then reel the iBobber over the area to map, tap Stop, and have a look at the waterbed map (up to 135ft / 41m deep), and the contours of the bottom.

Strike Alarm & LED Beacon:
Unique to iBobber is the built-in Strike alarm that alerts you when the fish bite. It also comes equipped with an LED beacon for night fishing, or to see it on the water in low light conditions.

Trip Log:
Just tap any GPS Tag button on any screen, and the date, time, and location of your trip auto-loads in Trip Log. Name your trip, then log conditions and the type of fishing. Track lures the fish are hitting on, and species of fish you've caught and share with your friends.